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Popular Indicators

Sell Buy rules for Amibroker (AFL)

// 1. Buy ketika O=L

// 2. Sell ketika O=H

C1=Ref(*C*,-1); H1=Ref(*H*,-1); L1=Ref(*L*,-1);

a = MA(*C*,200); b = ((*C* - a) / a ) * 100;

Bull = ( *C* > a ); Bear = ( *C* < a ); //criteria market sedang bull atau bear dgn MA200

Piv = (H1 + L1 + C1) / 3; //pivot kemarin

V1=Ref(*V*,-1); V2=Ref(*V*,-2); V3=Ref(*V*,-3);

Vavg=(V1+V2+V3)/3; //Volume rata-rata dalam 3 hari terakhir

VRatio = (*V*/Vavg); //rasio antara volume hari ini dengan rata-rata volume tiga hari terakhir

prob= ((*H*-*L*)/*L*)*100; //mengukur probability kenaikan harga

*Buy* = (*O*==*L*);

*Sell* = (*O*==*H*);

*Filter*= *Buy* *OR* *Sell*;

AddTextColumn( FullName(), "Name",77 , *colorDefault*, IIf( *Buy*, * colorBrightGreen*, *colorRed* ));

AddColumn(Ref(*C*,-1), "PrevDayClose",1.0);

AddColumn(*O*, "Open",1.0, IIf(*O*==*L* *OR* *O*>=C1,*colorGreen*, * colorRed*));

AddColumn(*L*, "Low",1.0, IIf(*L*==*O* *OR* *L*>C1,*colorGreen*, *colorBlue

AddColumn(*H*, "High",1.0, IIf(*H*==*O* *OR* *H*<C1,*colorRed*, *colorGreen

AddColumn(*C*, "Close",1.0, IIf(*C*>C1,*colorGreen*, *colorRed*));

AddColumn(*C*-C1,"Naik/Turun",1.0, IIf(*C*>C1,*colorGreen*,*colorRed*));

AddColumn( *Buy*, "O=L", 1, IIf(*Buy*,*colorGreen*, *colorRed*));

AddColumn( *Sell*, "O=H", 1, IIf(*Sell*,*colorRed*,*colorGreen*));

AddColumn(*V*,"V-Today",1.0, IIf(*V*>v1,*colorGreen*, *colorRed*));

AddColumn(Vavg, "V-Avg",1.0);


AddColumn(*V*/Vavg,"Vol Ratio",1.2, IIf((*V*/vavg)>1,*colorGreen*, * colorRed*));

AddColumn(*H*-*L*,"H-L",1.0, IIf(*H*-*L* > 0, *colorGreen*, *colorRed*));

AddColumn( prob, "%Prob Naik",1.2, IIf(prob > 1,*colorGreen*, *colorRed*));

AddColumn(Bull,"Bull/Bear Area",1,0, IIf(Bull,*colorBlue*, *colorRed*)); 

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