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Positional Tread for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 4)

i had posted this study at Wise stocktreaders with some different condition…

i found there is many s/l when trend changes or tread changes….!

so, tried to resolves much more s/l tread….

In Hope, Positional treader would love this study….!

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Lots of errors found in this formula.. cant plot it.

2. Divyesh

Dear Anandnst, there must be any other problem because this is modified formula which had been posted here and working properlly with my Amibroker and even with Admin’s Amibroker….!!!

3. anup82

yes error in 5.40 check it

No error in my older ami 5.30, click copy+paste friendly, then copy +paste, might work if no other problem in Ami.

No Error in Ami 5.30 working fine.

6. persee

you must put this 2 lines


after this lien


7. Divyesh

Thnx persee…!

i am not a coder or afl laungage expert, but just a mixecer and trying to innovate something batter without knowledge of programming or AFL, so i dont know your suggestion how works. after copy paste your code i dint find any change….!

if you know the AFL and can do work please mail me on

i have many things in my mind but i cant write on papper….!!
even i have some good MT4 codes for intraday but cant write in AFL….

this request is not only for persee, but any experts can help me….



8. Divyesh

@ Anup82, Please use the procedure what shariful says….

It is working
Credit goes to Mr.persee ( Member )

10. Mayur

Mr.persee sir kindly mail my email

11. kv_maligi


This kind of AFL, having multiple targets & not having buy/sell strength won’t work. why? Psyche creates havoc and You end up booking small profits & giving big losses to market.

Be careful


12. navin

i have so many problem in afl
if somebody no problem then send your correct AFl me at thanking for your cooperation…….navin

hi Divyesh
it’s error my ami is 5.50

14. anup82

yes now work all is well in above afl 106 line after copy past below 2 line
cradit gose to persee & Divyesh now worked 5.40 thanks to all

15. Divyesh

Yess Anup82, So kindness of persee sir……

he is so kind as i m not coder or AFL expert…..! so he helped us….!

thank you once again persee sir…..

16. Divyesh

@ waelalamoudi,
Sir will you please copy paste the two line which persee sir had wrote….?
this will solve your problem….
thank you

very nice. what is the most suitable timeframe especially for banknifty

18. Divyesh


Sir, 15 min is ideal time frame as per my knowledge…

we can do more one thing is we can reduce our position at 3rd and 6th tgt……

Dear Divyesh, if you have some time, try to write Positional Tread AFL to EXPLORATION.. it is usefull for find the stock easily u know..
thank you..


error has been sloved but afl is not opening properly pls slove the problem

22. Divyesh


Dear friend, as i wrote in my presentation, i am not a coder or AFL laungage expert.
i m just trying to do something without knowledge of AFL laungage.
thank God without knowledge, doing something.
even i am making request to everyone at this site, if there is fault in formula plase solve the problem as persee sir had done…..!

we are hear to help eachother. the basic aim of this site…!

m i right Mr.Admin…?

so please Mr. tigernifty, i dint understand what you are asking for…..!

if you will do it it will for everyone…..!


23. Divyesh

Will you please go through the process which had been discussed above…..?
that will solve every problem…..

thanq u

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