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Volume Trade with Candle reader for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 7)

I had found AFL on this site & modified and get nice chart & result…!
most of the time we get Signals on Reverse or Return…..!
i have also add Candle reader from another AFL even from this site….!

when we use both togather, we get near by clear view of Reverse & profit booking ……!

Green Dot indicates buying with high volume and White dot Indicates exit from buy…….!
Red Dot Indicates Selling with high volume and Blue Dot indicates book profit in short…..!
Happy Treading…..!

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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Hello divyesh,

I tried this afl but lots of red n green dots. at times both on same candle.. how to read them n which timeframe should be used?

2. Divyesh

@ anandnst,
yess sir, each TF gives result. if TF is small, result small. if big TF result will be big. when both cones to gather, 3rd dot will be along with or in next or 2nd next candle…..most of the times blue dot….which indicates end of down move…! i had same confusion, for that Candle reader is there….!
sirji, you are equate more expert…you can even gave the best….!
thank you sirji……….!
this is not any strategy for trade but we can have idea of return, so we can book profit…!
treading strategy what ever you use….!

3. altzer

how to can to play in my mt4 platform , dimitris , email,

4. altzer
my like bollinger bands color , how to play in my mt4 platform , Dimitris , email

i like it

fantastic sir thanks for great work

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