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Renko Chart for Amibroker (AFL)

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Plot renko chart. Error in plotting will occur if the box and/or reversal values are too small causing the number of renko bars exceeding the underlying stock normal price bars.

By Graham Kavanagh – gkavanagh [at]

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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1. jack234

giving error LN 55 col 9

jack this formula sometimes gives an out of bounds error this is a known problem you need to change the brick size until it doesn’t.

3. ford7k


you can code a afl line such that whatever setting you found by trial and error is chosen by code.
Suppose for nifty futures you found renko bricksize =7, then you can write a code line
using if or switch statement.
then the code once it detects nifty symbol, it selects bricksize 7.
you can add any number of lines for any symbol.

the concept is
If symbol is nifty,bricksize=7
if symbol =LT, bricksize =3

somebody can add this code line.


4. cadoize

there is 32 errors

Is there any update on this formula ? still not working

getting error, can some one provide correct working code please

7. bsedoha

Can any body modify this as per new version ??

Thanks in advance.

8. bsedoha

Need help .. Can anybody help on this formula ..


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