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Recently was looking into this AFL in TJ.

Found that there are bugs, not properly done and check before uploading to here.
1) On line 102-107 for hourly timeframe

  • => BarsInDay = BarsSince(Minute() != Ref(Minute(), -1));
    KH:Why hourly is using Minute() ?
  • => Bot = TimeFrameGetPrice(“L”, in5Minute, 0);
  • => Top = TimeFrameGetPrice(“H”, in5Minute, 0);
  • => Vol = TimeFrameGetPrice(“V”, in5Minute, 0);
    KH:Why use in5Minute and not inHourly

2) Hourly timeframe cannot be used.
=> Because the Plot()/PlotOHLC() were using in the huge looping, this will cause the amibroker raise the exception of more than 500 calls.
Therefore not suggest to use in hourly timeframe set.

3) The program seen to me there are bugs which not able to figure yet regardless of timeframe set. It keep plotting the Vah & Val, Vah1 & val1, and overwrite the plotting of Poc/Poc1 (Yellow color) and never appear.

Also I doubt the algorithm is correct.

Please kindly solve the problem.

If not, i don’t suggest anyone use this script in hourly

@kevinhand, actually it should not matter because when you use in5minute in TimeFrameSet when your current interval is inHourly, the timeframe will default to inHourly. AB will only act if you use a HIGHER TF than the one that is current while using TimeFrameSet.

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