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Southwind Modified for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 6)

South wind modified

Formula includes

1. Fibonacci bands
2. Bollinger Bands
3. EMA
4. Buy sell Signals
5. ADX
6. Super Trend
7. Volume Color Band
8. RSI

Checked for commodities and nifty
Crude- 7 Min
Zinc/ Lead – 30 Mins
Nickel – 12 Mins
Nifty – 15 mins

Please change the position if signal disappears. Look for at least one trend per day.
I have not programmed this but combined few strategies and modified it for above given commodities.

Please give your feedback and tips to enhance the performance.

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it’s my humble request kindly post the afl screenshot

Ya sure….
I will try from next time…..

3. ole

Nice cleanup of Southwind code.

why error come in this formula in my amibroker

It seems to work and display correctly in my Amibroker v 6.11ß. I do have the plug-ins for The Foundation, so they may be needed, albeit I see no calls to the code in the afl.

Att <>: May I ask, which is the starting original afl for this Southwind mod? Southwind is an author’s pseudonym, and not the name of any indicator. Maybe Southbreeze?

hi @parfumeur

No plug in is required for the modified version.
I have uploaded one more modified version of the AFL with more accurate results.
Please check it and try to analyse the formula.

Thank you. You can try my another AFL which will perform better than this.


7. pkgmtnl

hello sir,
while watching it on Barreplay, i see that Signal is coming/ planted at about 4-5 bars earlier to the current bars.
please advise/ help.

8. val2004

pkgmtnl ,
I see the same things on bareplay signal come and dissepear.

parth.desai can you add additional rules so the buy and sell stay for

real please

Tks a lot


check this afl ….your doubts will be cleared

10. rajenvyas

Future Referencing / Repainted one

error in 915 line

please provide corrected version

“Thank you. You can try my another AFL which will perform better than this.”

Can u provide link to that afl plz. Thanks

13. hpatra22

best afl forever i have seen…grt and thank u

14. hpatra22

HELLO SIR it senn the buy or sell call before 4-5 bar/candle then how actually work witg this afl can u tell me plz………i dont know how to use it plz tell me

This also repaints. check KPIT from 25.07.2016 to 11.08.2016. In this short period, buy signal repaints three times.

16. Tuenv

Hi sir
I cann’t pick to explore in amibroker. Error ln 510 col 44
Pls check

17. Huy Tran

Well done. I really enjoy this AFL. Thanks for your great effort!!!

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