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Alligator Trading System for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 14)

This is a simulation in Amibroker of the Investors Dream Trading program developed by profitunity that uses the Alligator Trading System.

Credit goes to Tal of amibroker fan.

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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1. ecki

works with it’s hints in the information window like a real personal advisor … interesting, even it’s not perfect (but who is?).

2. lszb

Can someone link a tutorial for this system?

hey! I’m very interested in this Trading system.. any information would be helpful
The name itself is Christmas at Graceland. I have been only been trading 4 months now with a 100% success rate. I keep things very basic (price, volume, patterns, candle sticks) I prefer EOD because it gives me the freedom of choice. In that time I have used Amibroker. At current I want to expand & look more at monitoring trades (trading systems)while at the same time confirm using basic chartist principles. Anyways the Alligator Trading System looks really cool & colorful on my imac so thanks you bunches.


4. I’ve added Exploration – below. Would appreciate checking to see if I’ve done properly … if not revise. Thanks DICK

Buy = BLBuyHit;
Sell = BLSellHit;
BuyPrice = BLBuyPrice;
SellPrice = BLSellPrice;

VP = Param("Period for Avg Vol" , 10, 50, 240, 1);	// sets the period for the average volume calculation

Filter = C <30 AND C >2 AND Volume > 100000 AND C> Ref(C,-1);//AND PDI (14)> MDI(14);

Action = WriteIf(Buy, "BUY", WriteIf(Sell, "SELL", "   "));
Result = WriteIf(Buy,"Buy","Sell");
AddTextColumn( WriteIf(Buy, "Buy" , "Sell" ) ,   "TRADE" ,  5 ,   IIf(Buy,colorYellow, colorWhite), IIf(Buy, colorDarkGreen, colorRed) );
AddTextColumn(IndustryID(1) ,"Industry Sector  ", 25.0, colorWhite, colorBlue, 125);     // adds a column for the industry sector 
AddColumn(C, "Close", 3.2,  colorBlue, colorYellow, 55); 										// adds a column for today's close
AddColumn(Ref(Close,-1),"Y-Close",1.2, IIf( ROC(Ref(C,-1),1)>=0,colorDarkGreen, colorRed ),50 );
AddColumn( ROC( Close, 1 ), "ROC(1)", 1.2, IIf( ROC(C, 1 ) >= 0,colorDarkGreen, colorRed));					
AddColumn(BuyPrice, "BuyPrice" ,3.1, colorWhite,colorDarkGreen); 
AddColumn(SellPrice, "SellPrice",3.1, colorYellow, colorDarkBlue, 75);								// adds a column for the close as a % from the prior close
AddColumn(V, "VOLUME",8.0, colorYellow, colorDarkGreen, 75);									// adds a column for today's volume									
AddColumn( Ref(MA(V,VP),-1), WriteVal(VP, 2.0)+ " dMA", 8.0, colorWhite, colorBlue, 75);	// adds a column for the average volume
// Remove extra buy / sell signals
Buy = ExRem ( Buy, Sell );
Sell = ExRem ( Sell, Buy );
5. janungh


I found sintax error on this line and don’t know how to correct it. Coz I want to make it on auto analyzer.
Anyone can help maybe ? Plzzz…

VP = Param(“Period for Avg Vol” , 10, 50, 240, 1); // sets the period for the average volume calculation

6. maxr

janugh, you should replace “ with ".

7. sacanbu

another crap

jerry 100% success. you are great.

9. kittuu

VP = Param(“Period for Avg Vol” , 10, 50, 240, 1); // sets the period for the average volume calculation

10. parfumeur

The issue with many afl posted here by users with non US style character set (keyboards), is the quotation mark.

Often in the code we see a beginning “ mark and an ending ” mark, which in most case creates an error. After the [Copy & Paste Friendly] capture, we need to do a global replace of these right [“] and left [”] slanting quotation marks, to the simple vertical quote mark which look like this: " which is the ASCII character number 034.

Try on your keyboard Alt-034

Holding the [Alt] key down, press 034 on the numerical keypad (not the numbers on the top row!) and release. This should give you the correct ‘quote mark’, two vertical bar superscript.

Let me know if that solved the problem.. Good luck.


11. bsedoha


Hi, thank you very much for this code. How can I use Short and Cover signals with your system?


14. newyesor

I think alligator is appropriate for long time frame because indicator lagging.

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