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Convergence pattern based on new ATR pivots for Amibroker (AFL)

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I posted similar code already but this code uses the Reverse() function to calculate the ATR pivots. Pivots can for instance be used to look for price patterns. In this case the code looks for “convergence” patterns. By default (see parameter window) it only shows bullish patterns. Once the pattern is confirmed (meaning it will not repaint) the color changes to green (bullish) or red (bearish). As soon as a pattern is confirmed a buy or a short signal will also appear in the chart.

In the example chart you see 3 patterns in the daily INTC chart. The last pattern is bearish but is still not completed and therefor still has a grayish color. The pattern could either be confirmed or disappear before it is confirmed.

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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Syntax errors..

Getting Error

3. joeoil

It works ok for me. No syntax error.

I use Amibroker v. 5.90

indeed joeoil, i wish these clowns wouldn’t start screaming for justice as they clearly didn’t even pay for Amibroker. I just explained that I used the Reverse() function. You need 5.9 for this or 5.8. Why don’t you clowns point me to a real error for a change.

very nice

nice work empottasch, thank you,,,,

7. crkumar

I have heard people talk highly of you & your techniques.
Is there any regular location where your old and new/updated ideas, codes, posts etc may be found.

thank you. No I just post occasionally some code. In this case it dawned on me I could use the Reverse() function on old code I had. It might also work for code I posted before using fractal type pivots. Will try that out.

Hi Ed Sir,

Your codes always simple and powerful.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful things.

Thanking you


10. crkumar

Great community service spirit !!

11. szgolyas

dont work on ami 5 and 5.7

12. Tuenv

Dear frd
Can use code to scan?

It says Syntax errors ln=182 col=40 . Can anyone tell me what really it is.

You need to upgrade your Amibroker to a newer version.

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