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Percentage Price Change Between Selected Dates for Amibroker (AFL)

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Select the first date on the chart using F12, then the last date with Shift+F12. You will see the percentage change in the price and the number of days between the two selected dates on your chart (top right). You can change the value used to Open, Close, etc.

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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2. moccha

Very Clever

3. cometh

Awesome, needed something like this

4. hotaro3

thank you for your god indicator, although it is also capable for using in other timeframes for example 1h, 4h, 15 Min, etc. with slightly changing it is usefull in forex

// Works out the percentage change between the selected days
// and displays the change and days on the chart.
//F12 (Start) and Shift-F12 (End). Clear Ctrl-F12
Price = ParamField( "Price", 0 );
Start = BeginValue( BarIndex() );
End = EndValue( BarIndex() );
Periods = End - Start;
ValStart = BeginValue( Price );
ValEnd = EndValue( Price );
Diff = ValEnd - ValStart;
Pct = ( Diff / ValStart ) * 100;
GfxSetBkColor( colorWhite );
GfxTextOut( "Pct: " + NumToStr( Pct, 3 ) + "%", 1000 , 20 );
GfxTextOut( "Periods: " + Periods, 1000 , 40 );

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