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Candle stick scanner for Amibroker (AFL)

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This formula has been used to scan candlestick

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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This is a nice piece of code. Could you possibly give a little instruction on how to best use it? Does is look for patterns in the last 3 bars.


2. sacanbu

gives syntax error

gives syntax error

Thnx a lot.

5. Baetz

Nice Afl

I like this afl very useful.

This is a wonderful piece of code, I have made money using it. If you don’t understand Japanese Candles get a book and use this code as a study tool with the book. I added a filter for exploration and pick off only stocks that have a candlesticks with a high reliability.

The syntax error is simply changing a \N to \n.

Japanese candlesticks are not 100% correct, nothing is, but they are the best I have found for making profitable moves. Study them and try them, they work!

Thanks for the AFL. I just started on Candle stick and this AFL give me a excellent base to start.

9. mystock


Very good work. Thanks.

But many patterns are either missed out or showing wrong results or the definition is plain wrong. I find hundreds of such errors, this make this good work is of absolutely no useful.

Can we discuss?

saeeavinash at gmail

10. Seal
Change \NNison to Small n = \nNison
11. rakard

Very good work

Very good work. Thanks.
But it shows an error :
Variable doji has an invalid type

Thank you for the very useful formula.
What is the meaning of the word “Zilch”

warning 505 : division by zero and division array at( 101 )is equal to zero
DarkCloudCover = (C1>O1 AND ((C1+O1)/2)>C AND O>C AND O>C1 AND C>O1 AND (O-C)/(0.001+(H-L)>0.6));

can you pl help to correct the syntax error

Variable doji has an invalid type, how to fix it????

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