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*Level Breakout system* for Amibroker (AFL)

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This is reverse trading system founded on level breakout.
The system draws the levels on base last peaks and troughs. If the price breaks the level, it plots signal for long or short entry.

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1. Tinych

You can see picture of Level Breakout system:

2. cm_s

This system doesn’t work.
This system looks in the future.


Buy = Cross( C, ref(Peak(H,a1,1),-1) ) ;
Sell =Cross( ref(Trough(L,a1,1),-1), C ) ;

Dear Sir,

Why does it give 3/4 buy signals together ? Theoratically it should give buy and close that trade as sell and than new buy generates. Secondly it gives short / cover error.

Thanks & solve this query pls

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