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Wolf Wave AFL for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 22)


I have a WolfWave AFL which I am sharing with you all. I don’t know about the original author of this AFL but my salutes to him for creating such a wonderful AFL. Credit goes to the original author only.

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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1. Alok

Dear Friend

This is already posted as Autoretracement.. Any way thanks

Where is the AFL, man?

3. sukas

Dear Never try to Hide and Seek Play !!!!
In Login page also your formula hidden !!!!!!!!!!!
Think your own way how you got from its original Author !!!!!!!!!!!

4. abk717

Where is the AFL, man?

Thanks for this indicator… does look into future so should be used with caution.

Following site demonstrate use of it,

where is the file code ??? i Cant find out it

7. douple

Thanks for this indicator

8. douple

Thanks for this indicator

Thanks for this indicator


10. hsas2000

Thanks for this indicator

11. dkeleher

I wonder why I have to log into this site to see my formulas. I wrote this formula and had my name at the top of the formula below the Version(5.30) line. I know my name was not accidentally removed. Now that I see that users choose to remove the authors name from their work I will no longer share my work. This is an old version of Wolfe Wave and Fibonacci. The new version has refined Wolfe Wave, Fibonacci with Internal, External and Alternate Price retracements. It also has Fibonacci time and Rhythm retracements. Scans and explorations were added for identifying high probability trades with minimal risk. I will no longer share formulas thanks to the pirates that choose to remove the author of the formulas.

12. nayef

no AFL

13. saudsaud

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you

14. nayef

Where is the AFL, man?

15. hani7


16. asdaf1

Thank you
شكرا للك





19. adesara

I want to thank dkeleher who is the original author of this afl and request him to post his latest afl as he has mentioned in his comment above.

20. lean


21. parfumeur

Lean says: Thank you.

(as per:

22. aynaa

i like it


very nice work and god pless u all

24. hariom

not calculating the last value iam using ami 5.6

very nice work

26. aalhartee

Thanks for this indicator

27. FIO


28. FIO

how to find this code


30. wwr

Thank you

31. yesno


32. saudisky


34. shariful

whoever the author maximum don’t care much. But if one’s work benefits other then the same is a great achievement for the former being a human and the God almighty never leave such person unrewarded.

35. mbcfor


36. appc777


37. hawaii

Thanks for this indicator… does look into future so should be used with caution.

Following site demonstrate use of it,

38. asad

Thanks for this indicator

39. saeed2020


40. khatera


where the afl

42. sayed7787


43. asad

Thank you

44. trisith


45. java

46. aouzumcu

thaks a lot

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