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TTS system V 4 for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 16)

Reg line box alert buy sell and daily/hourly==long and short sell/buy signal added
and two type screener(long/short) and two type exploration
buy/sell and percentage explore…
two type box tr-system and buy sell alert due to regration movement..
two type pivot and reg-line and trend line….enjoye

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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nice indicator

2. ibmhadi

Line 86 and line 91 why error, any one can help



4. john_d


Verrrryy nice indeed! Only the on/off switches in the parameters-section are confusing! Can you please take a look at it?

prexplore= ParamToggle(“perce/buysell”,“pers|buysell”,1);

pdshd=period hourly and daily

i think only this two switches useable and important
and first daily mean long term buy/sell and
hourly mean intraday or short term buy sell signal explore and screen
and other perce/pers== mean percentage change explore,daily weekly…etc…
and buy/sell mean both long and short term explore and screen using include
pdshd switch..

Thank you very much jaipal7786

well done


8. john_d


afl gives error in line 31 @ Mp. Please give details to my id

AFL error… . please can you give details or reply to my id or email :
thnx for reply jaipanl7786

11. zangwing

afl not working error 29 variable ii used without having been initialised

12. jai1147

which time frame should i use for accurate signals 5 min or 1 min??

13. pk55

very nice indicator working good with ami v 6.00.2

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