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MHJ multi_model/improved MACD for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 2)


this is a multi_model/improved MACD.
the idea is to use regression (somewhere) instead of moving average.
some models are using division instead of minus sign that improves the working of MACD and also shows it by percentage!!!

there is no plotting or signal alarm instructions. and you may write it by yourself… (or tell me to do it for you.)

hope enjoy.

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thanks for kind help sir, can add any buy/sell strategies best suite for intraday

2. shon

Sir, this is not working for me, I used amibroker version 6, what can i do now?

3. val2004

Same for me.

Nothing plotted

I can’t edit my post,
add this to the end of codes for seeing results:

Color_Usual_Highdown = IIf( show_var > show_middle, Color_High, Color_Low );
            Plot( show_var, _DEFAULT_NAME(), Color_Usual_Highdown , styleline | styleNoTitle , Null, Null, 0, 0);
            PlotOHLC( show_var, show_var, 0, 0, "", IIf( show_var > 0, Colorred, Colorgreen ), styleCloud | styleClipMinMax | styleNoTitle | styleNoLabel , show_middle, show_middle );


for buy/sell signals add these to the end of your codes:

Buy_condition_5 = show_var > Ref( show_var, -1 ) AND Ref( show_var, -1 ) < Ref( show_var, -2 );
Buy_condition_6 = show_var < ( MA( IIf(show_var>0,0,show_var) , 100 ) * 1.5 );

Sell_Condition_5 = show_var > Ref( show_var, -1 ) AND Ref( show_var, -1 ) < Ref( show_var, -2 );
Sell_Condition_6 = show_var > ( MA( IIf(show_var<0,show_var,0) , 100 ) * 1.5 );

Buy = Buy_condition_5 AND Buy_condition_6;
Sell = Sell_Condition_5 AND Sell_Condition_6;
6. shon

I hope you will post new version of this afl,until some problem with this afl.

whats the problem? I’m working with/on this indicator.

8. val2004

Can you post a complete code with plot and signal that works

tks a lot

It is not working with me

10. hotaro3

variables color_high, Color_Low and show_middle used with previous definition therfor no plot at all, please check your code mohammad hossien jan

11. morgen

I don’t see nothing!

I’m so sorry for these problems. I will write a better one and will share it’s link here (soon)
(the problem was from here that I have several included files of my older AFLs for showing my indicators… and I have not bring them all here… so I need time to somehow partially add them to this AFL… and also the parameters selection descriptions are in Persian language that I should change them to english, so it takes time)
the output of this AFL (I mean… next AFL) is not great when using alone. (without combining with other AFLs) so this afl is not good for amateur users.
the power of this AFL is when it combines with other trading system that is up to you!
هتاروی عزیز، میتونی بیای به جستار من تا با هم تو کارگاه من کار کنیم. اینجا:
یا علی

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