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Candlestick Analysis for Amibroker (AFL)

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This indicator allows you to select Candlestick patterns, mark their occurrence on the chart, and display their frequency and profit-prediction value. Use param() to select the Candle pattern. Click on the candle following the pattern to see next-bar profits. Add your own metrics.

By Herman van den Bergen

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it is not good

1. Salam;
2. it’s very good. thanks.
3. why didn’t you use switch-case instead of those else-ifs?
4. also it was better to use pattern names without numbers as the parameter.
5. another suggestion of mine is to use more details for those patterns which produce very buy/sell signals (to decrease signals and to produce more precise signals)
6. the final suggestion is to combine very powerful patterns and making it the default param
7. thanks again for your wonderful work.

It seems that the formula references FUTURE quotes.
If you backtest this system you may receive outstanding results
that CAN NOT be reproduced in real trading.

do not use this

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